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Phoenix Sky is an online designer style mecca for the sophisticated, modern woman with high quality, head turning collections curated by Maya J. 

Maya believes style should be an extension of yourself and she inspires you to feel good from head to toe. She also believes your style should suit your personality and showcase the glamorous, enticing woman in you.

With a bit of an edge, Phoenix Sky promotes an active, glamorous and confident look that overrides trends and inspires you to be fabulous for both work and play. Even celebrated stylists compliment and garner our line of flirty looks and fabrics.

Our head-turning clothing embodies glamour, sex appeal and confidence which proves irresistible when you embrace your inner star-quality. The collection features exclusive signature items, as well as hot-selling looks and boutique items.

By staying connected to resources in the fashion community, traveling to shows, using technology, and relying her own creative expertise, Maya continues to inspire her customers with poise and gets them to embrace their inner bombshell. Her fashions celebrate all body types to highlight alluring style and captivate attention.

A native of Tampa, Florida, Maya has always had a profound passion for fashion. As a young teen, she was a model and was cast for several roles as an extra for TV shows filmed out of Orlando, Florida. After the untimely passing of her Mother, who was the most influential and significant figure in her life, Maya realized that life is truly too short to do anything other than what you love and are passionate about. Driven by her passion, she launched Phoenix Sky on May 16, 2016, founded in honor of her Mother.

Maya supports the community and lends her unwavering support to breast cancer research and the efforts to save many lives. With each customer purchase, her Mother’s legacy lives on.

Phoenix Sky was birthed from love, and each day Maya can pass love on to each and every person who supports her dream to influence style in a beautiful world.

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